Bar, lounge

Between two tourist visits, between two meetings, or in the evening after a day spent in the city, take time to appreciate a moment of relaxation in the hushed, cosy atmosphere of the hotel bar. In the indoor area of the bar or comfortably installed in the garden lounge, you will be able to forget the busyness of Paris and savour the calm of this haven of greenery right in the heart of Paris.

Why not discover something from our wine list, which includes our own selection of wines to enable to you appreciate:

  • Mercure’s Great Wines – famous-name wines from all the main winegrowing areas of France, carefully selected by specialists at the Paris wine museum
  • our selection of great estates and a vast choice of appellations

Service at the bar is available from 4 p.m. until midnight, but you are welcome to come and relax in this quiet spot at any time of day, so that you can take advantage of a moment of calm between two visits in the city, or between two business appointments.

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Paris Opera Garnier

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